AERC Support

The AERC’s caseload is steadily expanding, and we are determined to stay ahead of the curve in providing the very best care to our patients. We invite you to be a part of this effort.
You can see on the graphic below, the different facilities and services we look to provide to our growing population. You can be a part of that growth! A gift, no matter the size can help us reach our goal of creating more room for you and your special four-legged family members here at AERC. To make a donation, you can visit and click “Give Now.” Enter your information as prompted and when designating your gift, click “Other” and then in the box, type CVM AERC. To learn more about giving opportunities, please call Jimmy Kight or Melissa Montgomery at 662-325-5170. Your gift will help provide more space for our patients and a great opportunity to help pet owners during desperate emergency situations. Thank you for your dedication!

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We would like to bring to you:

1. Larger procedure rooms for special noninvasive imaging techniques for diagnosing and getting our patients treatment even faster.

2.More office and treatment room space to add more specialists. The pets of the Jackson area will have more specialty services closer to home.

3. More kennel space to provide our patients with extra comfort and care as our caseload increases.

4. Dormitory spaces for the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine students who spend time here on rotations. These students provide the extra sets of eyes and hands in caring for your pets.

5. Special areas for clients and their pets to get quiet time when consulting with the veterinarians on diagnostics and treatment.

If you are here, you are already a part of our family. If you’d like to be a part of our progress, please contact:

Jimmy Kight
Director of Development


Melissa Montgomery
Advancement Coordinator