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Bubba, a Kemp's ridley sea turtle, swallowed a fisherman’s hook and was dragged 30 feet up a Gulf Coast pier. The trauma caused serious damage to his esophagus and kicked off a years-long rehabilitation effort. Read how our alumni and faculty members helped in this effort. Learn more in Mississippi State University Ulumnus magazine, click here


September 8, 2016
Lecture 1, room 113
6:00 p.m.

Learn how you can help create a future world where pets and people can become better together. Click here and find out more.

Homeward Bound and Animal Rescue Flights team up to help save puppies.  Watch video and read more here.

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dean-jakSince the College of Veterinary Medicine’s establishment in 1974, we have made it our responsibility to provide a higher standard of living not just for animals and those involved in animal agriculture, but for all Mississippians.

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