Community Veterinary Services

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CVS-group-2015MSU-CVM’s Community Veterinary Services (CVS) provides third and fourth year DVM students private practice experience.   CVS equips students with the skills required to excel within a high-quality small animal private practice.  The Community Veterinary Services area of the MSU teaching hospital is unique in that it relies upon developing and maintaining its own client base in exactly the same way a veterinary practice owner does.  An added benefit of CVS is the ability to conveniently refer patients to our in-house world class specialtis.

Part of the CVS rotation puts students in area animal shelters and teaches them to think on their feet as they learn about diagnosing diseases, biosecurity, and how to successfully work with shelter managers and employees. They also learn about outreach and communications during their time in CVS.  The program is a benefit to the veterinary student, the practitioners with whom they will be employed, and the public they will serve. 

We feature a variety of subject areas that establish a strong foundation for the future veterinarian.  These areas provide strong training in routine health maintenance, dentistry, dermatology, and shelter medicine.



Christine Bryan
Joey Burt
Jeb Cade
Jesse Grady
Diana Eubanks
Christine Calder
Julie Gunter

House Officers

Brittany Moore-Henderson
Juliana Frum

Veterinary Techinicans

Maggie Horner
Andi Hannigan
Lora Leigh Patridge 


Student Papers

Students rotating through Community Veterinary Services, are getting a first-hand look at pet health issues and are also encouraged to communicate about pet health in a way that helps their clients and the public. They are writing articles to help encourage good pet health.

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Common questions answered by our students via instructional videos below:

Cleaning Skin Folds
Applying Eyedrops
How to Pill Your Dog