Grant Submissions

Tips for Navigating the University Submission Process

When to Submit

The earlier, the better. Please let the CVM ORGS staff know as early as possible that you plan to submit the proposal. If your proposal involves multiple departments/centers (for example if you are an academic faculty member but submitting the proposal through a center, or if Co-PI’s are from different units), then give a heads-up to the business manager and/or administrative assistant handling the process in both units.

REMINDER: POLICY 70.01:  The originator of the proposal shall prepare an Internal Approval Sheet (IAS) and obtain the approval signatures of the Department Head and the Dean/Director of the appropriate unit. A final copy of the proposal, a completed IAS and a completed and signed Proposal Cover Sheet should be forwarded to Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) a minimum of three working days prior to the deadline receipt date for the proposal.

In addition, CVM administration must review the proposal and sign the IAS. In order to allow for this review, the proposal should be submitted to CVM ORGS no less than 5 working days prior to the submission deadline.

What to Submit

As soon as you know that you are planning to submit a proposal, email the CVM ORGS staff to let them know. Provide a copy of the RFP, so they can start preparing. Be sure to note any special requirements on facilities use, cost match, restrictions on indirect rates, etc. These will need to be dealt with as early as possible. Most delays in proposal submission are related to budget issues. Thus, having the budget reviewed by CVM ORGS early in the process is critical.

If you do not have the full proposal ready to submit, then, at least one week before the submission deadline, submit a copy of the IAS, summary, budget, budget justification, any additional information related to facilities use and your current draft of the proposal. Then as the submission deadline approaches, you can submit the full proposal. Please do not wait until you have the full proposal ready to start the process.

Useful Websites and Data

SPA websites: 

Home website:
Quick Reference:
Budgeting Info:
SPA Staff:


CVM Office of Research and Graduate Studies Proposal Submission Contacts

Stephanie Huffman 
Wise Center R2000
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Michael Dewberry
Wise Center R2004
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