The Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund

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The Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund (MADRF) was established by the Mississippi Board of Animal Health (MBAH), the Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) and the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine (MSU-CVM) to provide a mechanism by which monetary donations could be received and disbursements made following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Following this event, the fund was utilized to provide care to animals and to support reestablishment of animal care within the local community.

The MADRF has been transitioned to a permanent 501c(3) fund that can provide assistance to Mississippians and their animals affected by any disaster in the state. Every year since its inception, the MADRF has assisted animal owners and veterinarians following disasters such as the tornadoes in Smithville and Hattiesburg, veterinary clinic fires, and shelter flooding situations. The purpose of the Mississippi Animal Disaster Relief Fund is to provide assistance to Mississippians during recovery from disasters affecting domesticated animals, as well as support efforts to mitigate, prevent, and protect animal health and welfare in disasters. This includes activities such as reimbursement for out-of-pocket animal care and veterinary costs, distribution of vouchers for immediate veterinary care, support of local veterinary business continuity, preparation for animal care and sheltering, stockpiling supplies, providing for emergency hay and feed needs, and training emergency responders.