Cynthia Lee and Carl Turner Endowed Scholarship
Fund #502225

Established by Cynthia Lee
Awarded to a full time DVM student who has demonstrated academic achievement, maintaining a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Should have documented history of volunteer work in animal shelters, rescues or foster care. Should have demonstrated leadership ability and willingness to help others.

Thomas A. Plein Endowed Scholarship
Fund #501937

Endowed by a gift from the Thomas A. Plein Foundation.
Awarded to a full-time, first year student in the DVM program who has demonstrated academic achievement and financial need. Preference is given to a student interested in canine medicine.

Dr. Betsy Lipscomb
Fund #401106

Funded by Angela Walker, Awarded to a third-year student with a demonstrated interest in small animal medicine and demonstrated academic ability.

The Hugh M. & Kathryn Arant, Sr. Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine
Fund # 500827

Mrs. Kathryn Arant established the scholarship in memory of her husband Mr. Hugh M. Arant, Sr. Mr. Arant was a 1949 graduate of Mississippi State University. Mr. Arant was involved in numerous organizations and received many distinguished awards. He worked very closely with Dr. Louis Wise and others to establish the College of Veterinary Medicine. Mr. Arant was a generous supporter to the agricultural industry and to Mississippi State University. The scholarship is awarded to a sophomore student who demonstrates academic performance, exemplary achievement, leadership ability and financial need.

The Arkansas Veterinary Medical Foundation Scholarship
Fund # 401722

The Arkansas Veterinary Medical Foundation established this scholarship to assist deserving students from Arkansas enrolled at Mississippi State University in the College of Veterinary Medicine. The scholar must maintain acceptable grades.

Paul Bass Scholarship
Fund # 402045

In March 2006, Leslie Mayeaux established this annual scholarship in memory of Paul Bass in tribute to his life and their love for one another. Mr. Bass was the owner of Suburban Building Company, Inc. and the past President of the Mississippi Home Builders Association. He was a dedicated person who became a recognized leader in his profession. The scholarship assists veterinary students who demonstrate a special interest in small animal medicine. 

The James D. & Kay B. Bryan Scholarship
Fund # 500748

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bryan of West Point established the scholarship in 1993. The fund recognizes the Jimmy Bryan family’s association with Mississippi State University over the years. Many members of the Bryan family are graduates of MSU. The objective of this scholarship is to support the efforts of the production medicine group in the college in training food animal veterinarians. The scholarship supports students who demonstrate academic achievement, good moral character, leadership ability, financial need and an interest in food animal medicine.

The Care Fund
Fund # 400160

The Companion Animals Require Excellence (CARE) Fund was created to address the need for constant improvements in veterinary medical teaching, research and service. More specifically, this fund supports diagnostic equipment and supplies used to provide care at the Animal Health Center; laboratories and expertise needed to train future veterinarians in the latest methods of companion animal treatment; research to combat diseases of companion animals; vital publications for the CVM library and referral services for veterinarians like yours.

Many veterinarians make monetary gifts to the fund in memory of pets that die from disease or accident. Also, pet owners who want to make a difference in companion animal health care support the fund with an outright gift or as part of an estate plan.

The Clio and Poco Gentle Doctor Award 
Fund # 401640

A special friend of the College of Veterinary Medicine established the Poco and Clio Gentle Doctor Award in May 2006. She wanted to honor the memory of two of her beloved pets. It is the desire of this friend to support the education of future veterinarians who are committed to demonstrating a compassion and love for animals and professionalism toward clients.

College of Veterinary Medicine Advancement Fund
Fund # 310810

The fund serves as a discretionary fund that provides critical support for various supplemental activities that complement, enhance or expand the mission of the CVM. The fund will give the college much needed flexibility in spending and helps position the college to respond to new opportunities and unforeseen budget cuts by the state in the future. Providing supplementary support for faculty and staff enhancements, student activities, scholarships, equipment, college leadership and advancement functions are ways in which each fund will be used to benefit the college.

Dr. C. Edward Couvillion Endowed Graduate Scholarship
Fund # 501354

Established in January 2007 in memory of Dr. C. Edward Couvillion, who was a CVM professor of parasitology. The scholarship was established because of the impact that Dr. Couvillion had on the lives of everyone he came in contact with and because of his dedication to teaching, service and research. This endowed graduate scholarship is the first endowment in the MSU CVM Office for Research and Graduate Studies. 

Recipients of the scholarship must be students who are enrolled in the MSU CVM PhD program and pursuing a graduate degree as their primary focus or students who are enrolled in the MSU CVM Veterinary Medical Sciences graduate program, and who are actively involved in research and whose career goal will lead to further research. Students studying parasitology and/or wildlife diseases will be favored.

The Morgan Freeman Endowment for Veterinary Medicine
Fund # 500817

Mr. Morgan Freeman established the scholarship because he recognized that Mississippi State University has a strong commitment to educating young Mississippians for the continued economic growth of the state and the nation. This includes making a quality education available to students from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This scholarship was established in part because Mississippi needs minority veterinarians to help meet the state’s medical and research needs. This scholarship helps ensure that promising minority students are offered a quality education and the opportunity to study veterinary medicine and hopefully contribute to Mississippi’s continuing economic growth.

The Greenville Mississippi Kennel Club Scholarship
Fund # 500677

The Greenville Mississippi Kennel Club established this scholarship in 1990. The scholarship supports students enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine who are from Arkansas or the Mississippi Delta. Recipients also demonstrate academic excellence, good moral character, leadership ability and financial need, and are interested in the study of companion animal medicine. The preferred recipient demonstrates an interest in possibly pursuing veterinary practice in the Delta region.

The A. Wayne Groce Alumni Society Scholarship Fund
Fund # 420660

In 1997, the Mississippi State University Medicine Alumni Society established the MSU-CVM Alumni Society Scholarship to support veterinary medical education at their alma mater. The award supports junior or senior students who are in good standing, of good moral character and have demonstrated leadership ability. In 2007, the CVM Alumni Association renamed the scholarship to honor Dr. A. Wayne Groce. Dr. Groce has been a faculty member at the CVM since 1983. He continues to make a lasting impact on many veterinary students and alumni. 

The Jennifer L. Hartsog Memorial "Bully Fund"
Fund # 400170

Jeff and Glenna Hartsog of Jackson created the fund in memory of their daughter Jennifer and to honor their pet bulldog “Humphrey.” Jennifer had a deep love and appreciation for all animals and she had dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Jennifer spent a great deal of time with “Humphrey,” and her parents credit her for nurturing his gentle demeanor and outgoing personality, which have served him well during his tenure as “Bully.” Shortly after their daughter’s death the family pet began serving as the interim-mascot for Mississippi State University while the search for a new mascot was under way. This fund supports the physical care and activities of all MSU bulldog mascots.

The Allan H. Hart/IDEXX Scholarship
Fund # 401674

In February 2000, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. established the scholarship in memory of Dr. Allan H. Hart who passed away in May 1999. Dr. Hart practiced veterinary medicine at various times in Australia, New Jersey and Hawaii. He was a founding member of the New Haven Central Hospital and served as Laboratory Director. He was a consultant for Becton Dickinson and Company, and he worked as a consultant with IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., where he was instrumental in developing the QBC VetAuthoread Hematology Analyzer as well as training programs and support manuals for veterinarians and their staff. He was an internationally recognized speaker and an author of many articles. This scholarship is awarded to a senior student who displays exceptional proficiency in diagnostic clinical pathology and its practical application to clinical cases.

Humane Ethics and Animal Welfare Support Fund
Fund # 312096

Many initiatives aimed to create solutions to the problem of overpopulation of unwanted pets are supported through this fund, including our shelter spay and neuter program, mobile veterinary unit, shelter medicine education for veterinary students, Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS), Safe Haven, Homeward Bound, disaster response and an animal care/animal welfare education program. 

The International Veterinary Humanitarian Endowed Fund
Fund # 501115

In December of 2001, John and Carolyn Kay Thomson established this scholarship. The fund was originally established in July of 2000 as an annual award. The fund was established to support veterinary students at Mississippi State University who are committed to combine their commitment to the betterment of mankind with the practice of veterinary medicine.

The Clarice C. Jackson Memorial Scholarship
Fund # 500664

Clarice C. Jackson established the scholarship in 1990 to assist veterinary students who demonstrate leadership ability, good moral character and financial need. Mrs. Jackson passed away in the fall of 1990.

James C. & Linda B. Johnson Annual Scholarship
Fund # 401942

James C. and Linda B. Johnson established this scholarship in April 2004. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson of Germantown, TN, are long time supporters of the College of Veterinary Medicine. In the 1980s they sponsored the Dr. Gerry L. Grant Humane Award in honor of their veterinarian, Dr. Grant. The scholarship assists veterinary students who have demonstrated good moral character, integrity and honesty. The recipient must be generally perceived as having a caring and compassionate attitude toward animals and individuals.

H. Kelley Jones South Carolina Association of Veterinarians
Fund # 402122

In 2006, the South Carolina Association of Veterinarians established this annual scholarship in memory of H. Kelley Jones. Recipients of the scholarship must be second or third year students who are residents of South Carolina, and they must demonstrate leadership skills and exhibit positive and professional attitudes toward others.

Marcia Lane Endowed Chair in Humane Ethics and Animal Welfare

In January of 2006, Marcia Lane established this chair to assist the CVM to develop a collaborative relationship with animal sheltering organizations throughout the state of Mississippi and the surrounding region; to enhance the ability of the college to support spay/neuter programs in the area; to help develop an education program for school children focused on the proper care of animals and pet overpopulation and to assist in the operations of the mobile unit to provide spay and neuter services for the animals of individuals who cannot afford such services.

"Dempsey & Ruby" Lazar Endowed Scholarship
Fund # 501100

Drs. Rande and Linda Lazar established the scholarship in memory of their beloved pet Dempsey and in honor of their faithful companion Ruby in June of 2001. The Lazars chose to endow this scholarship because of the quality care that Dempsey and Ruby received at the MSU-CVM Animal Health Center and because of their deep and abiding love for Dempsey and Ruby as loyal companions and family members.

The Dempsey and Ruby Lazar Endowed Scholarship is awarded to deserving students who are committed to demonstrating compassion and love for animals and professionalism toward clients.

Dr. Michael Lee Memorial Endowed Fund
Fund # 501235

In August of 2002, friends, including CVM classmates, and family members established the scholarship in memory of Dr. Michael. Dr. Lee was passed away on August 5, 2002, in a tragic vehicle accident. He was a veterinarian and very involved in many MS associations. Scholarship recipients must be full-time students who demonstrate acceptable academic achievement and show promise for an outstanding career in veterinary medicine. First priority is given to qualified students who reside in the counties of Pearl River, Hancock, Harrison or Stone in Mississippi.

Lehman Food Animal Scholarship Endowment
Fund # 501309

Dr. Fred and Paula Lehman established the Lehman Food Animal Scholarship Endowment at Mississippi State University in the College of Veterinary Medicine for a student in good standing in his or her second or third year of study.

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support and incentive to a deserving second or third year student with a declared interest in food animal husbandry and production, particularly in the area of theriogenology (animal reproduction).

The Dr. Betsy Lipscomb Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine
Fund # 401106

In 1997, Ms. Angela Walker, a caregiver and animal lover, established the scholarship in honor of her veterinarian, Dr. Betsy Lipscomb. Ms. Walker has provided care and shelter for stray animals for many years, and Dr. Lipscomb, who is devoted to clients and pets, provides regular medical care to Ms. Walker’s animals. The scholarship supports the education of future veterinarians who are as committed to demonstrating compassion for animals and professionalism toward clients. The scholarship supports junior students who demonstrate interest in small animal medicine and acceptable academic achievement.

Malcolm H. Mabry Jr. and “Lulu” Cancer Radiation Unit Fund
Fund # 401937

In November of 2004, retired state senator Malcolm Mabry established an oncology unit fund in memory of his beloved dog Lulu to help improve the CVM’s cancer treatment capabilities.

The Karen and John McCord Endowed Scholarship
Fund # 501263

In July of 2004, Karen J. and John G. McCord established this scholarship to assist full-time veterinary students who demonstrate interest in equestrian animal medicine or a student entering the veterinary college after working in another field.

Dr. Harvey F. McCrory Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association Endowment Fund
Fund # 500660

In 1991, the Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association established the Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship Fund. The scholarship was renamed in memory of Dr. Harvey F. McCrory in 2009. The recipient will be a Mississippi resident who has shown the qualities that Dr. McCrory is known for - leadership, service and high ethical standards.

Pegasus Partners Endowment Fund
Fund # 501123

The fund is similar to the CVM Advancement Fund in that it serves as a discretionary fund that provides critical support for various supplemental activities that complement, enhance or expand the mission of the CVM. The fund is an endowment that will exist in perpetuity. Contributions of $10,000 or more in gifts and pledges will qualify donors as Pegasus Partners. These gifts can be made in five $2,000 annual installments. Each donor will receive a Pegasus Partner statue and an engraved nameplate on the college’s donor recognition wall.

The fund will allow the CVM to move forward with stability as it continues to face mounting state budget cuts. It is important that the college collect a significant number of outright $10,000 gifts to meet the $2.5 million goal.

The Thomas C. Randolph, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Fund # 500674

Mrs. Velma Randolph, along with the faculty, staff and administration of the College of Veterinary Medicine at MSU, established this scholarship in memory of Dr. Thomas C. Randolph, Jr. The scholarship is awarded to a fourth year student who has demonstrated a career interest in food animal medicine during his or her first 3 years.

Safe Haven Fund
Fund # 312151

Safe Haven for Pets provides short-term shelter and medical care for pets of women and children entering domestic violence shelters. Many women and children remain in violent households to ensure their pets are not harmed, risking the lives of all concerned. We offer a peace of mind to victims as they seek safety. Safe Haven operates entirely on private support from individuals and corporations.


The Linda "Big Lou" Schuerer Memorial Annual Scholarship

Established in 2008, The LINDA *BIG LOU* SCHUERER MEMORIAL ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP was founded as a tribute to the supportive mother of MSU graduate Paula A. Schuerer, DVM, MBA. Linda Schuerer was a native of a farming community in Tennessee where she was actively involved in farming. Her passion for agriculture and animals was passed along to her daughter. The promotion of agriculture and animal well being are the goals of the scholarships that are divided equally into two separate annual funds in the College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences.

Small Animal Critical Care Unit Fund
Fund # 501096

The fund will provide a much needed addition to the CVM Animal Health Center, which examines, diagnoses and treats more than 6,000 individually owned pets a year. The unit will provide a unique laboratory for students to learn important medical concepts in intensive and critical care delivery, as well as greatly enhance the clinic’s ability to treat the beloved pets in its care.

A gift of $1.5 million was recently acquired to create an endowment to support the critical care unit. The income earned from this endowment will be used to maintain equipment and supplies as well as add much needed salary support for the veterinarians and technicians who oversee the unit. We are seeking an additional $500,000 to help with construction and equipment costs.

The Greta Somerville Endowed Scholarship in Veterinary Medicine
Fund # 500880

The Greta Somerville Scholarship is awarded annually. As fund distribution permits, more than one scholarship may be awarded. During the selection process, consideration is to be given to need and academic merit.

The Dr. Clyde E. Taylor Endowed Scholarship
Fund # 500907

In 2001, Dr. Clyde Taylor and many of his friends established this scholarship. The scholarship was created in honor of Dr. Taylor. Dr. Taylor is a native of Natchez, MS. He has worked as a practicing veterinarian over the years. He was a founding faculty member of the MSU CVM and was instrumental in the planning and development of the college. He has also served in various clinical, academic and service positions in the college. He is a past president of the Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association and has received numerous awards and recognitions during his years in the veterinary profession. The scholarship aids the life learning of a post-DVM graduate veterinarian.

The Tupelo Small Animal Hospital Scholarship
Fund # 401792

Dr. Glenn S. Thomas and Dr. Stephen K. King, owners of Tupelo Small Animal Hospital and 1988 graduates of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, established this annual scholarship for the College of Veterinary Medicine scholarship in September of 2001.

Through this scholarship, it is the desire of Dr. Thomas and Dr. King to support the education of future veterinarians who have demonstrated a passion for the profession of veterinary medicine.

The Alexander "Bam" Williams Endowed Scholarship
Fund # 501045

This scholarship was established in memory of Alexander “Bam” Williams in March of 2000 by his wife, Edwina Ringold Williams, and his daughter, Lee Williams. Dr. Williams was a graduate of S.D. Lee Senior High School in Columbus, MS, and served two years in the U.S. Army following graduation. He attended Mississippi State University and graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Auburn University. He opened his veterinary practice in Columbus in 1959 and operated Williams Animal Clinic for five years until he moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, where he worked for ten years in the same field. He retired and moved back to Columbus in 1974. This scholarship assists CVM students who have displayed academic achievement and leadership ability.

Vicksburg Kennel Club Inc. Scholarship Fund
Fund # 401990

Beginning in March 2005, the Vicksburg Kennel Club Inc. established two annual scholarships to assist veterinary students with exceptional academic achievement who graduated from a Mississippi high school and whose permanent residency is in one of the counties of Claiborne, Copiah, Hinds, Issaquena, Jefferson, Madison, Rankin, Sharkey, Warren or Yazoo in Mississippi. 

Mississippi State Kennel Club Scholarship
Fund # 400147

The Mississippi State Kennel Club Inc. established one annual scholarship to assist second year veterinary students whose permanent residency is in one of the counties of Hinds, Madison or Rankin, in Mississippi. The recipient must intend to become a small animal veterinarian. Selection is based on need, as well as on scholastic achievement.