AERC Animal Rehabilitation Center

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cones banner 1The Animal Rehabilitation Center works with your primary care veterinarian to offer a comprehensive program combining traditional physical applications with current therapies to help minimize or reverse functional impairment. These therapies are professionally designed to meet the specific needs of each patient to improve mobility, manage pain, increase strength, and ultimately improve the quality of life for your companion animal.

All consultation and treatment services are available by appointment only. A referral from your regular veterinarian or veterinary surgeon for rehabilitation is required. Patients are referred back to their primary practices for regular or routine veterinary care. It is important to bring any relevant radiographs or medical records to your appointment.  Your veterinarian can also fax or email medical records prior to your appointment.

Services we offer:


  • Hydrotherapy: Our Underwater treadmill has many benefits and is effective in rehabilitation for post-operative orthopedic surgery, neurologic injury and osteoarthritis pain relief. Exercise in water can improve strength, endurance, and joint function while minimizing pain in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Therapeutic laser:  Low-level laser therapy is a painless treatment that uses clinically tested wavelengths of light to stimulate natural biological processes leading to faster healing and pain relief. Cells in the body absorb laser energy that stimulates the body to release pain relieving compounds, increases circulation and energizes the cells to participate in the healing process. Many times laser therapy can take the place of pharmaceuticals and surgery to treat long-term, degenerative diseases.
  • Therapeutic exercise is an essential and non - invasive form of treatment designed for use in a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. These activities strengthen specific muscles, increase flexibility, minimize pain, develop coordination and body aware ness, as well as to improve movement quality.  Each patient receives a home therapeutic exercise plan so owners can be involved in their companion’s healing and physical wellness.
  • Electrical Stimulation:  Electrical stimulation is the therapeutic application of a controlled electric current. This modality is effective for the treatment of various orthopedic and neurologic diseases to assist with the management of acute or chronic pain, accelerate healing, and to delay muscle atrophy.
  • PEMF therapy: PEMF uses pulsing magnetic fields, developed by pulsing a small amount of battery current through coils of wire to initiate normal biological cellular reactions that result in improved circulation and provide pain relief.

The AERC Animal Rehabilitation Center is a department of the AERC, a Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine affiliate service providing advanced emergency, surgical, and specialty care for your pets.


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