List of Strategies to Improve Case Outcome

Urinary Protocols
1. Chronic hematuria in neutered dogs
2. Chronic renal failure and protein-losing nephropathy
3. Enlarged prostate with clinical signs of illness
4. Calcium oxalate urolithiasis
5. Struvite urolithiasis

Endocrine Protocols
1. Concurrent management of diabetes mellitus and hyperadrenocorticism using trilostane
2. Canine Hypercalcemia

Neurological Protocols
1. Small breed dog with acute neck pain
2. Acute teraplegia
3. Acute blindness

GI Protocols
1. Chronic vomiting in a young dog with normal bloodwork
2. Canine inflamatory bowel disease
3. Chronic bloating

Neoplasia Protocols
1. Splenic hemangiosarcoma if injectable chemotherapy is not elected

Liver/Gallbladder Protocols
1. Chronic liver values elevations in a stable patient
2. Gallbladder Mucocele

Respiratory Protocols
1. Chronic coughing

Hematology Protocols
1. Coagulopathy
2. Chronic regenerative anemia

Cardiology Protocols
1. Collapse

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