Strategies to Improve Case Outcome

case outcome1Development of diagnostic and therapeutic plans for clients with financial constraints is often necessary, both in private practice and at our teaching hospital at the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine (MSU-CVM). Often, owners are unable to afford the cost of referral care at MSU-CVM. We recognize that, in some situations, there are effective, evidence-based, lower-cost diagnostic and treatment options that may benefit dogs with severe or chronic diseases when the owner cannot afford referral to a veterinary internist. As part of a large research effort, entitled “Strategies to Improve Case Outcome When Referral is Not Affordable,” Drs. Alyssa Sullivant and Andrew Mackin in the Small Animal Internal Medicine Department are creating a set of suggested diagnostic and treatment protocols for several canine conditions and presentations. Our team of specialists takes great pride and enjoyment in working with our referring veterinarians, and these protocols are not intended to replace or discourage referral or consultation phone calls. It is our hope and intention, however, to offer this resource as an adjunctive method of assisting our local practitioners and their clients when referral is not affordable.

List of Strategies
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