The MSU-CVM internship and residency programs have grown steadily over the years.  Many of our interns have successfully
moved on to highly competitive specialty residency training programs.  Residents trained at MSU-CVM have moved on to become respected specialists in academia, in specialty referral practice, and in industry.

Many of our internship and residency programs are filled through the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program.  Currently listed positions can be found on the Match program website at

MSU-CVM has one of the best recent track records in the nation for matching its graduates into internships and residencies.

2018 Match Program Report
House Officer Composite 2017-18


Small Animal Rotating Interns:
Dr. Javier Avendano
Dr. Christy Buckley
Dr. Danielle Daw
Dr. Leah Hixon
Dr. Kristina Pascutti

Equine Medicine and Surgery Intern:
Dr. Saybl Sprinkle

Food Animal Interns:
Dr. Deanna Fredriks
Dr. Megan Pratt
Dr. Katelyn Waters

Small Animal Oncology/Medicine Intern:
Dr. Tien Tien

Opthalmology Intern:
Dr. Lindsey Seyer

Diagnostic Imaging Intern:
Dr. Tannis Lochhead


Small Animal Internal Medicine Residents:
Dr. Katie Cooley Lock
Dr. Harry Cridge
Dr. Shannon McLean
Dr. Ashey Coll
Dr. Pam Galati

Small Animal Surgery Residents:
Dr. Jon Blakely
Dr. Sarah Castaldo
Dr. Melody Whitney

Diagnostic Imaging Residents:
Dr. Wade Won
Dr. Jordan Hatfield
Dr. Marc Seitz
Dr. Christopher Tollefson

Shelter Medicine Residents:

CVS Residents:
Dr. Brittany Moore-Henderson
Dr. Juliana Frum

Equine Residents:
Dr. Naomi Crabtree
Dr. Kamile Cormier
Dr. Amy Lack

Theriogenology Resident:
Dr. Darcie Sidelinger

Neurology Residents:
Dr. Erica Burkland
Dr. Alison Little
Dr. Ryan Gibson

Pathology Residents:
Dr. Ryan Taylor
Dr. Sharon Yang
Dr. Nataly Mamalinger

Preventative Medicine Resident:
Dr. Issac Jumper

Anesthesiology Resident:
Dr. Sarah Shane