Companion Animals


Information for Pet Owners

For your convenience, you are welcome to print and complete the Patient Registration Form to save time upon your arrival.

When your pet is admitted to the Small Animal Internal Medicine Service at the MSU-CVM Animal Health Center (AHC), you and your pet are under the care of our hospital care team, including board-certified veterinary internists, graduate veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians and other health care professionals who are trained to provide your pet with the highest quality of care.

Your animal will stay with you unless diagnostic testing or procedures are required.  At any time, there is a whole team of clinicians and students who are working with your pet.  Is your pet comforted especially by a scratch behind the ear?  Do loud noises scare him?  Let our team know your pet’s preferences and quirks.  One of the great benefits of a teaching hospital like ours is that your pet will have extra attention, both clinically and personally.  Because there are so many professionals involved with your pet’s care, we have the resources available to take your calls and answer your questions during his or her stay with us.

During a visit here, your pet will be treated by a team of doctors including attending veterinarians, residents, and interns. Veterinary medical students will also assist the team.

Based on their training and function within the hospital care team, these veterinarians will typically be referred to as:

•  Attending Veterinarian
A board-certified veterinary specialist and MSU-CVM faculty member who leads the healthcare team of residents, interns and veterinary medical students and who is responsible for your pet's plan of care.   

•  Resident and/or Clinical Instructor
Veterinarians who have received their veterinary medical degree, have significant experience or training after graduation and have then elected to pursue advanced training in the specialty of Small Animal Internal Medicine.
•  Intern
Veterinarians who have received their veterinary medical degree and are now pursuing the first step towards receiving advanced training.

•  Veterinary Medical Students
Senior (final year) students who will be involved in your pet’s care as part of their preparation to become veterinarians but will only work under the supervision of the attending veterinarian.

It is not unusual for your hospital care team to rotate, and for several doctors to be treating your pet. Even the attending veterinarian may change during your stay. As new veterinarians join the team, they will introduce themselves. Although the veterinarians may rotate, the quality of your care will not diminish because the entire hospital care team is tightly coordinated to provide you with the best possible care.

We also recognize the importance of providing you with as much information as possible about the care your pet will be receiving at the AHC. Your hospital care team is available to answer questions or concerns you or your family may have about your pet’s condition and treatment plans. During any of your consultations with any team member, please feel free to ask questions or seek clarification about anything you may not understand.