Current Students

As a Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine student, you will spend four of the most amazing, challenging, exciting and rewarding years of your life with us.  You will be among the most prepared and sought after individuals in your field.  This area of our website provides you with information you may need during your years here.  We are glad that you are part of the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine family!

Class Officers and Representatives

Class of 2018

President: Jason Flanary; Vice-President: Ryan Carney; Secretary/Treasurer: Courtney Griffin; SCAVMA Rep: Megan Pratt; Honor Court: Emerald Barrett and Josey Frazier


Class of 2019

President: Wil Moorhead; Vice-President: Peyton Williams; Secretary/Treasurer: Amanda Kline; SCAVMA Rep: Sydney Hayter; Honor Court: Madeleine Hendrix and Caroline Andrews

Class of 2020
President: Anne Elise Hertl, Vice-President: Austin Whitmon Secretary/Treasurer: Becca Leach, SCAVMA Rep: Paige Anderson, Honor Court: Bastiana Rodebaugh and Alexis Tentler

Class of 2021
President: Vice-President: Secretary/Treasurer:


Class of 2018: Daniel Armstrong, Jason Flanary, Josey Frazier, Kyle Johnson, Austin Mobley and Haiden Rodgers

Class of 2019: LaDarrius Battee’, Katy Carrier, Jessica Cowley, Stephanie D’Aloisio, Whitney James, Alicia Pownall, Cortney Roper, Robert Stenger