Feed the Future Innovation Lab on Fish (FIL)

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab on Fish is an interdisciplinary program aimed at reducing poverty and improving nutrition, food security and livelihoods among stakeholders in targeted regions. The lab is not a specific site, but a mechanism through which academic, private and public partners can identify solutions for global challenges.

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 Dr. Mark Lawrence
Director of FIL

Known as the Fish Innovation Lab (FIL), the project, which is under the direction of CVM Associate Dean and Professor Dr. Mark Lawrence, will implement integrated aquaculture and fisheries programs in developing countries. Dr. Lawrence, who is an expert in pathogenesis of bacterial diseases among aquatic animals and also oversees MSU’s Global Center for Aquatic Food Security, will work closely with about a dozen CVM aquatic animal health specialists and faculty members and scientists from universities across the U.S. representing fields such as social science, nutrition, fish production, market access, food safety and capacity development, with a goal of conducting research that leads to real world impact.

One of the most widely traded agricultural commodities in the world and rich in critical micronutrients, fish are a global resource that can dramatically impact the health and economic growth and development of people in developing countries; however, research is needed to fully understand and capitalize on the potential of this valuable commodity.

The FIL utilizes a “Leader with Associates” model, through which MSU will facilitate associate awards to research and development partners. As the lead and management entity, MSU will identify and manage a portfolio of investments for research and development activities that address both promising innovations and emerging challenges in aquaculture and fisheries through an integrated approach of blending multiple disciplines.

The CVM will be releasing requests for applications for scientists to apply for research funding under the Feed the Future Innovation Lab on Fish in each of the target countries within the next few months as well as engaging its own students in the endeavor in the future. For additional information, contact Lawrence as follows:

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CVM Office of Research and Graduate Studies
P.O. Box 6100, Mail Stop 9825, R2001 Wise Center 
Mississippi State, MS  39762    
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MSU to lead new USAID Feed the Future Innovation Lab on Fish

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